District 9 and Dream Theater tomorrow

13 08 2009

Alrighty folks I’m at work so you know what that means… I’m bored so I’m gonna post a quickie. Ok so I’ve got a bit of a double header here. Tomorrow is my day off (thinks to himself “Thank Fucking God”), so me, tjbro and my friend Aaron are gonna go catch an early show of the greatly anticipated sci-fi flick District 9. After that we will be going to see quite possibly the world’s best progressive metal band, Dream Theater, on their Progressive Nation tour Live at the Molson Ampitheatre. I expect both are going to be mind-blowingly, face-meltingly¬†awesome…we might have to wear protective goggles…but either way you can expect a follow up review/first-hand account next week. Have an awesome weekend everybody…Cheers


P.S. Here’s a metaphorical/hilarious representation of what could and in all likelihood will happen this weekend