Batman Arkham Asylum only $38.83!!!

25 08 2009


OH CANADA! That is right, THAT IS FUCKING RIGHT. When I logged on to my Xbox Live account and saw the Wal-mart advertisement for Batman Arkham Asylum for only $38.83 I thought it was too good to be true. It turns out I was wrong because from August 25th-27th, only in Canada as far as I’m aware, you can pick up a brand spankin new copy for that awesome price. After the 27th the price shoots back up to 70+. It seems someone decided to give us Canadians a break and priced the game cheaper. So, corporate competition being what it is every other retailer in Canada did the same thing and thus  Canada = Win, as always. All I have to say is LOLOLOLol to the rest of the world, but I have to get going because I need to track down one of these cheap copies as soon as possible! {Bolt’s out the door before remembering to save post, then runs back, saves it and leaves again}


[Update]: According to the worker at EB Games the price reduction was due to a pricing mistake at one of the big box stores, possibly Wal-Mart. They accidentally priced the game at $38.83 so everyone else had to price match in response. So I just saved myself $30, Lol