iPod Touch Causing Blue Screen of Death

1 09 2009

ipod fail

I do this now as both a blog and a public service announcement. Yesterday after a long day of moving my stuff into a new apartment I sat down, relaxed and plugged in my brand spankin new iPod Touch into my computer so it would be charged for the next day. A notification pops up at the bottom corner of my screen. [Digital Still Camera] it says, “hmm, that’s odd” I think to myself and then BOOM Blue Screen of Death!!! I try restarting my computer then plug in the iPod again…same thing. “WTF I JUST BOUGHT THIS THING 2 DAYS AGO” so naturally, I was upset. After trying several times I gave up and went to bed.

This morning I did what everyone who has ever gone through a horrible, possibly life altering event has done…I Googled it. I soon found out that I was not the only person to face this problem on their non Mac computers. Message boards were filled with people complaining about their iPod related blue screens of death and very few knew how to fix it. Eventually I came across a possible solution. Apparently if you recently downloaded pictures via the app store that were stored on your touch but not stored on your computer this can cause the crash. A recommendation is made to delete these photos completely and this should solve it. Another problem could be an outdated version of iTunes or device drivers that need to be updated such as those relating to printers and Logitech cameras. Right now though, I am at work so I won’t be able to test these out just yet. I deleted my photos so hopefully that will work, but either way I plan on updating this post later with my (fingers crossed) solution. Please feel free to post any questions, similar experiences and solutions in the comments.

That’s all I got for today folks, cheers


[UPDATE]: Removing the pictures worked, I guess I can never download pictures from the app store again…




One response

26 04 2010
Zac Bolubasz

dude, you didnt edit the reflection in the iPhone

if you can send me your email i can send you a fixed version…

[only if this doesnt work]


^thats the edited file^ (prolably didnt work)

facebook, youtube, deviantart… if you have an account with either of those websites, message me, and ill send it… thefreakenbeast (youtube channel) theacidreign (deviantart) zac bolubasz (facebook)

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