Batman Arkham Asylum only $38.83!!!

25 08 2009


OH CANADA! That is right, THAT IS FUCKING RIGHT. When I logged on to my Xbox Live account and saw the Wal-mart advertisement for Batman Arkham Asylum for only $38.83 I thought it was too good to be true. It turns out I was wrong because from August 25th-27th, only in Canada as far as I’m aware, you can pick up a brand spankin new copy for that awesome price. After the 27th the price shoots back up to 70+. It seems someone decided to give us Canadians a break and priced the game cheaper. So, corporate competition being what it is every other retailer in Canada did the same thing and thus  Canada = Win, as always. All I have to say is LOLOLOLol to the rest of the world, but I have to get going because I need to track down one of these cheap copies as soon as possible! {Bolt’s out the door before remembering to save post, then runs back, saves it and leaves again}


[Update]: According to the worker at EB Games the price reduction was due to a pricing mistake at one of the big box stores, possibly Wal-Mart. They accidentally priced the game at $38.83 so everyone else had to price match in response. So I just saved myself $30, Lol




2 responses

25 08 2009

You know I wouldn’t “LOLOLOLOLOL” at the other countries about this you know since they could be “LOLOLOLOLOL”‘ing at us Canadians for the terrible pricing we face with everything. That and the fact that we haven’t even been so lucky as to have been granted the use of Netflix on our Xbox’s yet (hopefully only ‘yet’).

25 08 2009

This is true. Fine you other countries out there I retract my LOLOLOLOL, but I’m keeping a simple Lol in there for good measure. I’ve got my eyes on you…

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