Splosion Man Review

4 08 2009


After hearing a lot of hype about this mysterious “Splosion Man” in the past few weeks I decided to find out first, what the hell sploding is and second, is this game any good? As soon as I got home from work that day I downloaded the demo off of Xbox Live Marketplace and sat down for some crazy. Let me just say one thing…WIN. Twisted Pixel’s  newest addition to Xbox Live Arcade takes platform gaming to a whole new level of awesome and ridiculousness. To give you a short and vague description, Splosion Man is like the unholy love-child of Mega man, Sonic, LSD, Shrooms and a whole lot of Cocaine…and about 12 cups of coffee on top of that.


The object of the game is to take your little radioactive cocaine addict and explode or “Splode” your way through the side scrolling platform levels. Apparently you are taking revenge for some reason on the scientists who made you awesome… That or your crack dealer is waiting outside and you REALLY need to get to him fast. Your character flies through the levels by sploding from wall to wall over pits of acid with the help of explosive barrels and basically everything you see on your quest to escape this underground laboratory, including the thousands of nameless scientists who you turn into meat…literally, when you splode them they tumble into piles of ribs and steak Lol. Your character also has an extreme fascination with cake too as you will randomly find floating cakes in every level that you devour in seconds, making your character’s face light up like it was Christmas.

So all I have to say is Buy It! This game is non-stop fast paced fun that will leave you entertained, frustrated at the hard parts and laughing your ass off the rest of the way due to the absolute insanity that you will encounter. There are 50 levels of single player campaign and 50 completely different up to 4 player co-op levels and at 800 Microsoft Points it is a huge deal. So go inject some caffeine into your jugular and Get ready for some Sploding!




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4 08 2009

Oh Gawd! I can’t wait to get home and play this!

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