Star Wars: The Force Unleashed New DLC

27 07 2009

[WARNING: Spoilers and Sweet-Ass Awesome Shit Ahead!]


LucasArts is gearing up to give us a giant pile of awesome this fall. The hugely successful game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will see a new expansion which will let the sinister little Sith inside you live out his dark side fantasies. Titled the “infinities” storyline, it will allow players the chance to explore the hypothetical story that would have taken place after killing Darth Vader and becoming the Emperor’s new apprentice. The player is sent on a mission to Tatooine by the Dark Lord of the Sith in order to assassinate Obi-Wan Kenobi. While on Tatooine, you end up at Jabba the Hutt’s palace where you have to face off against a pissed off Boba Fett and I’m guessing also a Rancor. This downloadable content will be available available on Xbox Live, PSN and PC/Mac.

A second part of the “infinities” storyline will be available ONLY as part of a new box set Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – Ultimate Sith edition. This second chapter brings you to the ice planet Hoth in order to kill Luke Skywalker and crush the remainder of the Rebellion. As someone who already owns the Force Unleashed this disappoints me because I don’t want to have to re-buy it in order to get this slice of awesome. Hopefully LucasArts will fix this issue. Either way, check out The Trailer.




One response

27 07 2009

This is becomming a recurring pattern with production companies of all sorts. As our friend Ian mentioned with Zodiac where he bought the special edition and even before the menu it had a preview for the ultimate edition being released later that year. Seen also with the Watchmen movies having just released the directors cut which proceeds to inform its audience of the ultimate edition also coming out later this year. The worst part about these two scenarios is there is no prior mention to it. At least with this game there has been a public announcement and you didn’t have to go buy the collectors edition to have it rubbed in your face that you soon won’t have the best version of whatever it is you loved so dearly to buy the collectors edition in the first place.

It reminds me of the painfully accurate depiction in the Onion Movie with the Bates computers where the guy is at the counter paying for his new Bates 7000 when a man wheels over a palette of Bates 7000’s and asks what he should do to them which the counter person selling the computer promptly responds with: “throw in the fucking trash where they belong.”

What a terrible world we live in. Ugh.

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