Spider-man 4

24 07 2009


That’s right folks, its official. Another spidey film is headed on down the pipe and I for one am going to approach this one with a little caution. I thought that the first two films were excellent, but was pretty put off by Spider-man 3. The whole thing was way too cartoony in its execution and tried to cram too much story into one movie. I mean come on….sandman…Seriously? Anyways, the new film shines a glimour of hope this its rumored cast of villains. At long last we are finally going to get to see the Lizard. After seeing clips of Dr. Curt Conners dropped in every single Spider-man movie but never getting that sweet scaly pay-off, supposedly SamRaimi has finally decided to throw this bad ass villain into the mix. Also, I am very excited for….wait for it….CARNAGE!!!


After years of waiting us faithful fans are being rewarded with THE most hardcore awesome and absolutely tweaked villain in the Spider-man universe (rumored). The combination of the Venom symbiote and serial killer Cletus Kasady will take this movie franchise into much deeper and darker places. I expect this installment to be the darkest and most sinister in the film series and I really hope Sam Raimi can pull this off. I have faith in Sam though because I am a huge fan, but after that last one I’m still gonna be a little cautious. Oh and also the movie might include the Black Cat, which should make for a smoking hot addition to the cast but other than that I honestly don’t care. Lol.

The new film is scheduled for release in May of 2011.





2 responses

24 07 2009

Dear Rapidfire068.

I don’t want to wait that long. Which makes me think you should hold Aaron at gun-point until he learns to alter time.

Thank you.

Your truly,

24 07 2009

Agreed I should hold Aaron at gun-point…regardless of whether or not its for a purpose

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