In the face! IN THE FACE

21 07 2009


Anyone who has seen the movie The Hangover undoubtedly has the image of Zach Galifianakis being tasered in the face by a pissed off 10 year old hilariously seared into their minds. Well apparently some Australian police took that scene to heart. A 36 year old man named Ronald Mitchell burst into flames after being tasered right in the face by police in Warburton Australia. You’re thinking “OMFG LOLOLOL awesome”, I know.

Now before some of you start saying I’m full of shit and that’s impossible and that he couldn’t just randomly burst into flames like that its important to remember, I’m the one telling the story here so sit your ass down and wait for me to finish. Apparently police were at Ronald’s house because he was suspected to be huffing gas to get high. When the cops showed up he ran out of the house straight at police with a gas can and a lighter in his hands. After refusing to listen to the officer telling him to stop, the officer took out the taser and shot him square in the nose igniting the gas he’d been nostril banging all morning…hilarity ensued.

Here’s the full news story for you: Taser Pwned




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21 07 2009


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