COD: Modern Awesome 2

15 07 2009

Ok, that’s it, you win Activision, game over man…game over.

Just when I thought that the upcoming release of COD: Modern Warfare 2 couldn’t get anymore exciting and ridiculously epic Activision came up and smacked me in the face and said “Who told you to stop getting excited? You better wait for my request!”. It seems the most anticipated game of the year will be coming out with 3 versions for sale on the store shelf, a la Halo 3 style. The first being the game itself, the second being the Hardened edition which comes in a metal box that contains concept art, other details on the games development and a code to download the original COD on Xbox 360, PC or PS3. Now that is pretty sweet on its own but the folks up in Activision’s marketing department weren’t finished there, oh no. The third edition which I will call the “OMFG STFU FTW” edition (actual name – Prestige Edition) comes loaded with all this crazy shit.


Like ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? For those of you who are scratching their heads in disbelief, yes that is a set of real WORKING night-vision goggles to go along with your game, metal case, concept art, the making of video and downloadable original COD. Oh and guess what, it even comes with the sculpted head for displaying purposes. Now, this won’t come cheap I can tell you that much. Estimates peg this puppy at a whopping $150, and don’t ask me what currency that is in but I’ll assume its US dollars. Now I don’t know if I’m prepared to dish out that kind of cash but it would definitely be hella-fuckin-balls-to-the-wall-awesome if I did. I can’t wait for Modern Warfare 3 because it will probably come packaged with your own COD branded F-22 Raptor. Now there’s a premium package I can get into.





2 responses

15 07 2009

When do you suppose they’ll start shipping out M16’s with the premium edition games?

15 07 2009

That’s ridiculous, they would never do that…they will ship with COD branded bullets, the gun is up to you to get

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